4. LT locks up while using Trim, Extend or Hatch.... AutoCAD/LT2017 (aka Nautilus): Up Periscope! How to make a pair and corner rounding in AutoCAD. Non Coplanar Lines? Some lines I draw cannot be filled so I have to trim them instead. Filter select objects message will pop up in the command line, type ALL, & come out that command. I opened the file with the issue and found some missing references. because objects have “Z” value. Click On Add to List & click the Apply button as shown in pic-2. As one of the most commonly used commands in AutoCAD, Fillet is essential and we cannot imagine working without using it! Designate the radius. During use of the command such as CHAMFER, EXTEND, FILLET & TRIM, we got message lines are Non-Coplanar. I typed the command name (Make Coplanar) and the description (Convert non-coplanar objects to be coplanar). 2. change the UCS: chamfer/fillet only work in a 2D face (X/Y), when u have a corner in (X/Z) u have to change the UCS from (X/Z) to (X/Y). RE: Coplanar Problems with AutoCAD 14 Qshake (Structural) 13 Dec 00 10:25 I'm not sure what the command is, but essentially you've enter two lines which are on different planes, i.e., the lines are defined also by the "z" coordinate (3-D). 5. The reason why is that these lines are not coplanar. 4. Type FI or FILTER in the command line & press enter. Lines (Polylines) lay in different planes. Click the end of the spline you want to connect to the line. If I set the radius and then click the 2 lines then Autocad comes with the message: "Lines are non Coplanar" This problem just started in a drawing i was working in ( 50% were already done by Fillet perfectly ) , I draw only 2D. 1. Solution for non coplanar between two Lines or polylines to be fillet :-1- If its non coplanar with polylines fillet :- Select polyline which it is non coplanar to be fillet then click right select properties then go to Elevation put 0 value ( see p hoto for polylines non coplanar properties -1). If you have express tools loaded the Flatten command always works … Hit ENTER to choose