It is a nice alternative to the iron Ford head. C & C Motorsports, the BOSS Superstore, is offering an addition to its line of 429-460 aluminum Hemi-style engine blocks. Ford 5.0 Road Runner / Boss 302 engine For the 2012 model year Boss 302 Mustang, Ford introduced a high-performance variant of the 5.0L Coyote - 5.0 Road Runner V8 engine. Call us at 800-367-3788. This is the Head Bolt Torque Sequence (Pattern) for Ford's small block. or sign up with email About this Discussion. Specs on the new engine: 2014 Ford Mustang coyote aluminum block 2015-2017 Ford Mustang Forged crankshaft Manley H beam connecting rods Manley Forged pistons MMR time gear and oil pump gears Boss 302 CNC ported cylinder heads with Boss 302 camshafts ( not the original damaged heads and cams) We added a NEW spec stage 2 clutch and Parts Farm stainless braided clutch line. price: $1,399.00 free shipping Password must be at least 12 characters long and contain a least 3 of the following: The Ford Performance TechLine phone system is online. They have cast iron seats and guides (titanium valve compatible) and are set up for studs and guide plates. contact your adminstrator to have them create an account for you. Upgrades include a forged rotating assembly, CNC ported heads, revised camshafts and a high flow "runners in the box" intake taken from the 302R racecar. 99 sold. "Cast from a different aluminum alloy and changed in almost every respect, the Boss 302 cylinder head is definitely a Coyote descendent, but still its own animal.• 1 - 1 of 1 Posts. Boss 302 Aluminum Heads. The Fix The car was once again dropped off to Magnum, and the engine was completely removed from the vehicle. Ford 5.0 Road Runner / Boss 302 engine For the 2012 model year Boss 302 Mustang, Ford introduced a high-performance variant of the 5.0L Coyote - 5.0 Road Runner V8 engine. Get a good set of GT-40 heads, or step up to any of the AFR, World Products, FRPP, etc, etc heads and matching intakes. In Stock (more than 10 available) Estimated Ship Date: Today The Boss 302 and 351C-4V heads also have smaller 14-mm tapered-seat spark plug holes, which differentiates them from 302/351W heads, which have 18-mm spark-plug holes. Cylinder Head 180mm for Ford Super Duty F-250 F-350 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel ... NOS Ford Holman-Moody Boss 429 D0AE-AA NASCAR aluminum head. It constists of the block, heads, crankshaft, and connecting rods. Requires special length 1/2" head bolts M-6065-BOSS or head studs M-6014-BOSS recommended with M-6049-X306 ... 5.8L MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 ALUMINUM ENGINE BLOCK AND HEAD CHANGING KIT. Small Block Ford Head Bolt Torque Sequence. The Edelbrock #61699 Performer RPM cylinder head is designed for use with Windsor blocks including the 289-302 and 351W, allowing the creation of "Mock Boss" 302 or 351 "Clevor" Ford applications. Not all Ford Performance Parts may be installed on vehicles that are driven on public roads. Latest News from. part #arc-sbf-170cc. This is not always required for a cam change, but due to the fact that the heads were coming off, the block needed to be modified for the retrofit hydraulic roller lifters, and the torque convertor was getting a rebuild at the same time, it was decided this would be the most … One major problem you might encounter is since there are many versions of the Ford 302 engines, not to mention small block engine siblings such as the Ford 351, 289, etc., each engine requires the correct heads, or else you won’t be able to take the roller lifters out of the block with those heads in place. 9/16 Main Studs are now standard for all models. Gamespot. $350. M-6049-Z2. You must contract him to get the "OEM" style chamber. This high performance aluminum cylinder head is a direct bolt on for Ford 289/302/351W engines and retains OEM exhaust, intake, rocker arm and accessory mounting locations. Page created in 4.161 seconds with 22 queries. Our cylinder heads and manifolds will blow the competition away! Ford Boss 302 Heads. The Ford Boss 302 is a high-performance "small block" 302 cu in (4.9 L) V8 engine manufactured by Ford Motor Company.The original version of this engine was used in the 1969 and 1970 Boss 302 Mustangs and Cougar Eliminators and was constructed by attaching heads designed for the planned 351 Cleveland (which debuted the following year) to a Ford small block. Our cylinder heads and manifolds will blow the competition away! Edelbrock 5025 E-Street Cylinder Head, Aluminum, Ford 289, 302, 351W $999.50 $1,459.95 289, 302, 351W, Assembled Cylinder Head Style, Aluminum Ships Free On ... Boss 302 Ford Small Block V8 (2) N351 Ford Small Block V8 (1) See More. See Less. 302 CI 340 HP BOSS CRATE ENGINE WITH "E" CAM Buy Now. Google "coyote vs roadrunner engine". Ads related to: Boss 302 Cylinder Heads Results from Microsoft . Balluff BOS0223 - We've Got This Part - … Fits 289/302/351 Windsor engines ; Cast from prime 356 T6 aluminum ; Heads retain Ford OEM intake and exhaust port location and flange Compared to a regular Coyote V8, the Road Runner engine features a forged steel crankshaft, forged aluminum pistons, CNC ported cylinder heads, and a high-flow intake manifold taken from the 302R racecar. machined from a356.0 aluminium - the strongest aluminium The standard 2011 Ford Mustang GT's 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine is enhanced and was referred to within Ford's development teams as the Road Runner engine. Vintage Mustang Forums. That allowed the use of really agressive (for the time) cams. it is stamped on the flat surface  at the very top, and the  very back of the block real close to the top surface of the bellhousing. The Boss architecture uses a much wider bore spacing than Ford’s Modular V8. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Mustang Laser Etched LED Edge Lit Sign $75 (Queen Creek) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. With minor machining, the heads also fit Ford 302/351W blocks to create a “replica” Boss 302 or a 351 “Clevor” engine. This short block was topped with a set of 1970 Boss 302 heads that featured 58cc chambers and a 2.19/1.71 valve package. were designed to be 1-for-1 replacements for Boss 351 cylinder heads. Other aluminum heads will only work with flat tops or "custom" dome shapes as they have "non OEM" chambers. Please try again. ), these cylinder heads are available in three styles, "X-Head", "Z-Head" and "Z2-Head". Save Share. As the 1968 Tunnel Port engine turned into a disaster, someone at Ford Engine Engineering got the idea to put a set of Cleveland heads on a Tunnel Port block and thus was the beginning of what would become the BOSS 302 engine. Could you check your B2 engine for the original VIN, and let us know by posting here ? New in 2013, the Roberts design SOLID engine block is available. Cast from 356-T6 aluminum, these cylinder heads from Ford Racing are the perfect solution for bolt on horse power! ZDNet. This Ford Performance C3 Cylinder Head (M-6049-C3) is a direct replacement for all 302 and 351W Engines. Up for sale is a set of 1970 Boss 302 heads, Attached Thumbnails . Looking for new unused 302 parts, Dart block, Aluminum heads over 60 cc, ARP Head bolts or studs, zero balance flywheel and balancer, distributor, high flow water pump, hydraulic roller cam and valvetrain, timing set, gasket set, front sump stroker oil pan and pickup, Don't need crank rods pistons bearings intake or rockers, let me know what you have. Cylinder Head Bolt Kit, Hex Head, Chromoly Steel, Black Oxide Finish, Ford 289/302, Each. here. The user name or password did not match. © Ford Motor Company and Matthews Software, Inc. Special Characters: !@#$%^&*()_+-=~`:";',.\/<>? I think Edelbrock sells a boss 302 type intake. Any ideas as to if it is a 4v? (The '69 Boss 302 was actually the first application, from the factory, of the 351C-4V heads on a Windsor block). Designed primarily for use in the SCCA Trans Am series, the Boss 302 was a result of crossbreeding the 302 Windsor short-block with the then-new 351 Cleveland heads. I have a 72 Mercury Comet GT with a 70 Boss 302 in it. PERFORMER RPM™ CYLINDER HEADS. Ford Boss 302 Cylinder Head . '66 GT350H (6S477)1of 18 white w/blue side stripes - drag raced mostly w / Boss 302 power for 35+ years, CHI heads are working fine with TRW L2325 pistons. Compared to a regular Coyote V8, the Road Runner engine features a forged steel crankshaft, forged aluminum pistons, CNC ported cylinder heads, and a high-flow intake manifold taken from the … 351W heads have larger valves and a bigger combustion chamber..and they will flow much better..but you sacrifice compression as the bigger chambers will drop compression..a 302 intake as well as exhaust manifolds will bolt right up..the 351 heads are exactly the same size except for the valves and chambers..check out this site.for head info: For the hearing- or speech-impaired: Please contact the Telecommunication Relay Service by dialing 711. If there "Windsor" heads they won't work with domed pistons (the Boss 302 stock pistons) or are they Boss / Cleveland type heads? If you do not have a Ford Performance Account and would like to create one, Click Here. I have a 70 Boss 302 with a set of Venolia dome pistons (they are like TRW L2324) they have a .200" dome. Edelbrock also produces an Australian-style 351C aluminum cylinder head, which offers lightweight design, good temperature dissipation, and improved airflow. Fits 2011-2014 Mustang GT, 2012-2013 Boss 302, Boss 302S and Boss 302R race car, Production cylinder head used on the BOSS 302 and 302R race car, Intake side flows approximately 4% more than base 5.0L head in, Valves, springs, keepers, camshafts, and hardware not included, NOTE: Boss 302 DOHC cylinder head production has been discontinued and heads will no longer be available once current supply is sold. Part Number: MLL-BP3474CTF. Greatly Appreciated ! heads sold as pair and fully assembled . ;[]{}. Brand New. This includes 260, 289, 302, Boss 302, 351W and related variants. Free shipping. This 302 performance engine rated at 350+ HP is dedicated to those Star Wars fans who want to feel the force! FORD PERFORMANCE C3 ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEAD, FORD PERFORMANCE C35 ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEAD, FORD PERFORMANCE 460 "SPORTSMAN" WEDGE-STYLE CYLINDER HEADS, 2018 GEN 3 MUSTANG COYOTE 5.0L CYLINDER HEAD RH, SUPER COBRA JET CYLINDER HEAD - ASSEMBLED WITH DUAL SPRINGS, SUPER COBRA JET CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLED WITH DUAL SPRINGS W/DAMPER, 302/351W "X2" STREET CRUISER ASSEMBLED ALUMINUM CYLINDER HEAD 64CC, Z2 289/302/351W ALUMINUM HEAD WITH VELOCITY VANE, 302/351W "Z-HEAD" ALUMINUM HEAD - BARE 63CC, 302/351W "Z-HEAD" ALUMINUM 63CC W/7MM VALVES, 302/351W "Z" ALUMINUM CNC PORTED, ASSEMBLED CYLINDER HEAD, 2018 GEN 3 MUSTANG COYOTE 5.0L CYLINDER HEAD LH, SCJ VALVE PUSH ROD GUIDE PLATE-FITS ONE CYLINDER HEAD, Z304 VALVE PUSH ROD GUIDE PLATE-FITS TWO CYLINDER HEADS. The car runs great, I will add a little to this post. 530Lbs. The 6.2 L V8 has lightweight aluminum cylinder heads and pistons but utilizes a cast iron cylinder block for extra durability as its designed primarily for light truck applications, including the 2013 Ford Raptor. Ford Racing's brand new all-aluminum Boss crate engine is a modern 5.0L 32-valve DOHC V-8 that features Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) to deliver over 444 horsepower and 380 ft-lb of torque with premium fuel. Like A "Boss". 11-17 Stock Manifold<18 Stock Manifold