Something went wrong. Please try again later. I’d just like to know how Ginny, as a teenager, handled that. Not only did Harry and Ron marry Ginny and Hermione, respectively, but Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander, Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott, Draco Malfoy and … Whether intentional or not, some fans have noticed that there are some traits that Ginny Weasley shares with the late Lily Potter. Think back to who you were when you were seventeen. So, when does this stop? Harry, Ron, and Hermione, no matter how noble their intentions were, still skipped their last year at Hogwarts. I also got the feeling that Harry was simply infatuated and nothing more. As both Ginny and Harry are celebrities, they will constantly have their privacy invaded and be swamped with work commitments. Oh, and what really makes my blood boil is the fact that Ginny was a background character for the majority of the series and then ALL OF A SUDDEN she became Harry's love interest. IF YOU READ THIS, ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU LEAVE A REVIEW- PLEASE! Again, I don’t know what happens between the next to last and last chapters of Harry Potter that take Ginny and Harry to where they are at the end. If you took her out of the books and gave them to someone who hadn’t read them, she wouldn’t be missed. He wouldn’t have met Ron or Ginny, and Ron might not have gained the courage to sit with Harry on the train. Ginny and Harry’s first kiss in the film was miles away from the spontaneous, passionate moment in the book. Ginny Weasley, The Half-Blood Prince (J.K. Rowling) Hermione gave wise advice (as always, right?). Does she burst into their house on their tenth anniversary offering them cake and cleaning dirt off their faces? This has led to fans wondering if Harry might be better suited with someone else. It turns out that she is amazing at Quidditch, apparently better than Katie Bell who has been on the team for five years! If Hagrid had taken Harry to the platform as he should have, then Harry wouldn’t have asked Molly how to get on the platform. And you chose Loony Lovegood?" Her obsessive crush is over an eleven-year-old she met in a train station one time, who had yet to do anything really great. She starts dating lots of boys and acts like a normal teenage girl, all without sending Harry any Valentines gnomes. We don’t hear about their dates or study sessions, even when they are dating in The Half-Blood Prince. The Boy Who Lived wouldn't do such a thing (according to Eli). Sometimes I wonder if part of his attraction to Ginny is a desire to be family. I like that Ginny develops an interest in Quidditch, but you can’t deny that it feels a little shoved in as a reason for Harry to like her. I think fans would like her a lot more if her characteristics were established early and she was consistently someone we needed to care about. But let’s look at this part by part. Harry and Ginny were nineteen and eighteen presumably. On one such evening, when Ginny had retired to the library and Harry was sitting beside the window in the common room, supposedly finishing his Herbology homework but in reality reliving a particularly happy hour he had spent down by the lakewith Ginny at lunch-time in deathly hallows we have this None of the Death Eaters moved. I’ll admit that some aspects of the relationship are cute. People change. Ginny Weasley's first romantic entanglement is an enthrallment with Harry Potter which visibly continues throughout the first four books. Remember the MASSIVE CRUSH he had on her? In the real world, there is no way they would be. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Here are my favourite L/G moments: > "You could've taken anyone!" "The boy who lived" could've LIVED WITHOUT Ginny and for that I SHALL NEVER FORGIVE YOU J.K. I know, it’s a children’s book series about magic, and this isn’t specific to Harry and Ginny. But I don’t buy that she would be okay with her husband naming the other child after two professors that he bonded with. This is what I personally hate about their relationship. Title: you're talking about time that harry potter ended up a mashup of a huge crush means she is now looks. This is what it all boils down to. But you can’t deny that this friendship was a big part of Harry and Ginny’s relationship. But the books also provide a sense of wonder and gave a charming story to the world's children. Guys, we need to have a serious discussion about something in the, I'm 100% convinced that Harry should've NEVER ended up with Ginny. I think we can all admit that there are only a few things we remember about Ginny. In Half Blood Prince, secretly overjoyed from having his first kiss with Ginny, Harry panics when Ron comes up to him, asking him what happened. Oops. But her confidence and bravery seem to come after she gets over her crush for Harry. But it doesn’t sound like she got a say in any of her kids' names! All these issues I’ve discussed with Ginny’s character development boil down to this one big issue that fans have with her. Ginny was fine as Ron's little sister, but she never developed enough to become worthy of being Harry's "soulmate." HAT. If Ginny is so good at Quidditch and loves it so much, why did she wait for her fourth year to try out? THEY WERE BASICALLY HORN DOG TEENS!! Okay, yes, this could be said of literally every relationship that ever happened. Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter. A few weeks ago I asked Eli if he thought they "got it on" in Book 6. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Harry and Ginny's kiss before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. She is often a source of advice for Harry, and she's seen her fair share of violence, adventure, and horror. If you answered yes, you’re probably a jerk. Looks like we are having a problem on the server. Because of this, she is very protective and strict with Ginny, stopping her from having the same privileges and freedoms her brothers had at her age. He acknowledged that they made out a lot, but the Full Monty? In her first year at Hogwarts, she discovered Tom Riddle's diary, which we learn in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is one of Voldemort's Horcruxes. And she very nearly dies. Harry would have to go through some deep, serious therapy. He knows as he did with sirius, harry won't think straight if someone he really loves is in … Not saying they can’t do it, but it’s still something they’d have to go through. This will put further strain on their marriage, as they have both romanticized each other so much. 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He was just a jerk teacher to her! And with that brief action, in a scene that probably only takes a couple of seconds, Ginny is worthy. She eventually gets permission from Harry to leave and dashes off into the fight, assisting Nymphadora Tonks on the battlefield prior to the auror's tragic death. They weren't a well-matched pair. The moment she saw Harry, Ginny accidentally knocked her porridge bowl to the floor with a loud clatter. Sure, Ginny admired Dumbledore, but she never saw Snape’s redemption, nor did it relate to her. Bear in mind that Ginny becomes obsessed with Harry before she saves him from the Basilisk. During Harry’s first visit to the Weasley home, Ginny was a little flustered. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Even if Ginny moved on from this, it wasn’t a great starting point. This leads me perfectly to my next point. This part of her would have made more sense earlier. TBH, Harry and Cho Chang made much more sense together. It's two days after the war finally ends, and Ginny decides it's time to do something about Harry. said Ron in disbelief over dinner. By doing her own thing, Ginny didn’t just earn attention–she also learned to love herself more, to the point that Harry’s attraction to her wasn’t the most important thing in the world anymore. When it comes to her daughter, Molly has typical “youngest child goggles.” In her eyes, Ginny doesn’t get older but stays young and vulnerable. We just don't know enough about her because she's not a well-written character!!! Harry and Ginny are one of Harry Potter's power couples. Ginny's love for Harry Potter is clear throughout the entire series. Close to the end of the 1996-1997 school year, Harry finally gave into his feeling and kissed Ginny in the Gryffindor Common Room, unbothered by the fac… Mrs. Weasley knits him jumpers and cooks for him. Harry should've ended up with no one. She played the damsel in distress in the second series, but aside from that, for a long time she was literally just Ron’s little sister who has a crush on the hero. THE. 34 Harry and Ginny's mutual physical attraction is doing what it is supposed to do - it makes him feel good. One reason why this relationship wasn’t healthy is that, in the beginning, Ginny was a Harry Potter fangirl. All of her positive characteristics seem to come out when she is apart from Harry. There, I said it! This is one of my major issues with the Harry Potter universe. She remains unattached and taken with Harry until she hooks up with Michael Corner, a Ravenclaw student. Obsessed with travel? We have settled our recent debate about the relationship between Harry an Ginny. For Harry, it's treacle tart, the scent of a broomstick handle, and something flowery (which, of course, turns out to be Ginny's perfume). Combine that with their lack of experience with relationships and the strain of them changing over time. Or exists as normal, but isn’t Ginny’s brother? Since the two still love each other, they did not interact much at … I won’t say “Mary Sue,” but Ginny does become this uber perfect pretty girl for Harry to pine after, rather than being something real. Reporting on what you care about. She becomes brave, dates lots of boys, and has no flaws. Now imagine being married to them. Follow Hermione’s advice, just as Ginny did. At Dumbledores funeral, he looks at ginny and she already knew what was coming. It was public knowledge that they were dating, even to Harry's enemies, so why this was necessary goes beyond my comprehension. You're just single and bitter. I’m sure they gave each other their space to study and recover. I’m sure they’d ace it, but they still have to do it. !. At that time, the wizarding community she grew up in at the height of the First Wizarding War, during which her maternal uncles, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, were murdered while figh… Why were we blindsided by the relationship? At the end of Half-Blood Prince, Harry decides to do the "heroic" thing (although dumb) of breaking up with Ginny in order to protect her from harm. She fusses over him. Share. I don’t even believe that they’d be able to drop their kids off at the Hogwarts Express in peace. LIKE, WHY'S THIS FOOL WASTING TIME SLOWLY ZIPPING UP HER DRESS? But take a moment and think about how many actual conversations Harry and Ginny have. The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most popular and important book series in modern history. But even the most devoted Potterhead will admit that there are some issues with its world. Harry managed to defeat Lord Voldemort when he was a one-year-old baby, but most kids are obsessed with actors, rock stars, or dashing fictional characters. As I said before, maybe Ginny decided to let her husband name one of her sons after his father and then maybe their daughter. I’m also sure that this matter could be debated, and many disagree with me. One aspect of the series that always causes debate amount Potter fans is Harry's relationship with Ginny. I’m not saying you can’t build a successful marriage with your high school sweetheart, but the two missed out on the life experience that comes with dating as an adult. Ginny was able to finally get Harry's shirt off him as he started to do with Ginny's shirt as he pulled it over her head reveling a blue lace bar, when Harry saw the bar Ginny had on it felt like all the blood went to his member that was already wanting to be free from his pants. Ginny Weasley is one of the more memorable characters in the Harry Potter series. I like that Ginny gains some character, even if it doesn’t happen until over halfway in the series. Brigantine, Sloop, Galleon. The main frustration comes from her not having any flaws. Still not sounding healthy. SORTING. Which frankly would devalue every successful marriage in the franchise. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! This is not a realistic portrayal of relationships! At the end of the sixth book, Harry is forced to break up with Ginny, due to fear of what Voldemort would do if he found out Harry had a girlfriend. Okay, so maybe Ginny would name one of her boys after Harry’s father. Harry and Ginny were sweethearts at Hogwarts, before getting married. Did it, conducted by jkr on the harry potter movies now. Well, that would be going on for at least a decade. So, Harry and Ginny’s relationship would have to last through them completing their final year together. Who else meets this description? But all these teenage romances are portrayed with a romantic innocence to them. This is an example of Ginny’s passiveness when it comes to Harry. Miss Lily Evans! They missed out on traveling alone, making mistakes and figuring out who they really are and what they want by themselves. Idolising your partner, rather than seeing them as a real human, gives them more power in the relationship and probably wasn’t good for Ginny’s self-esteem. This is just one theory. Guys, there was no real romance between the two. The only two private conversations I can remember them having take place in the Chamber of Secrets and in Ginny’s room in the final book. Ginny is a witty, smart, popular, ginger Gryffindor girl. Warner Bros. I think you're onto something. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. I think the movies did Harry and Ginny's relationship dirty in general, TBH. Since this is a huge part of Harry and Ginny’s relationship, I thought it worth mentioning. No relationship is perfect, even those in the wizarding world. I mean, not only was she his best friend's sister, but also, SHE WAS HIS BEST FRIEND'S SISTER! Finally! When it was ginny weasley do to build the goblet of the. J.K. Rowling should've just had Harry end up alone. Gryffindors bully Slytherins and can just be really smug. And am I the only one who thought it was out of character when Harry became SUUUPER jealous that Ginny was dating Dean? They wouldn’t be able to go to the supermarket without someone asking about Voldemort. For a good part of the series, there wasn’t much to like about Ginny. True, there are more important things for Rowling to talk about, but it would have been nice to hear these guys talk. Harry & Ginny After The War by ccollins1246 3 reviews. Good for her and all. Then if Harry hadn’t been a Gryffindor or if the Weasleys were Hufflepuffs, they wouldn’t have gotten close. He doesn't say it out right he just doesn't want voldy to look into his mind and see ginny. Harry got hold of this diary, delighting Tom, and when Ginny broke into Harry's dorm and stole it back, she had already put so much of herself into the diary that Tom could persuade her to write her own farewell, come down into the Chamber, and allow Tom to leave the pages at last. Okay, yes. Oh, you see, I've already written a post about this. Sure, it may seem like a dream come true, but it isn’t the basis for a successful relationship. Are you still that person now? At the Burrow. JK Rowling admitted in 2014 that Harry and Hermione might make a better match. And without those essential moments, it looks like Ginny was happier before she started dating Harry. Hmm, it's complicated, let me share my thoughts in the comments section. In the epilogue, it’s revealed that Harry and Ginny have three children, all three of them named after people who have passed. Then when it comes to Harry, Molly is much more lenient than she is with her sons. Warner Bros We really didn't need a last minute happy ending! Harry and Hermione work together perfectly and bring out the best in each other. I’m not saying they didn’t do this, I would just have liked to find out how. That’s a weird marriage. 2. With her fiery hair and spunky personality she would be hard to miss. That’s just a fact of life. Ginny is super smart and independent. I’m sorry, but let’s be honest here. NOW IS NOT THE TIME! We just weren’t told that much about her. For my fellow Potterheads who have always wondered why so many people loathe the Harry/Ginny pairing, the following list explores why fans like me feel the relationship is toxic. As if she suddenly realized we had to give Harry a reason for liking her. Adolescent teenagers, all getting their shifts and stuff, living together in a mixed-gender boarding school. This wizard was literally inside of him for the first seventeen years of his life, not to mention all the close calls he experienced because of him. Ginny helps Harry with his problems, and comforts her after Dumbledore's death. I’m sure that a great portion of their falling in love happened between Harry defeating Voldemort and the book’s epilogue. Unless there is some kind of perfect marriage potion. I hate to bring it up, but it just seems so true. He spends some of his summer holidays there and seems to be very close to them. The movie’s scene is quiet and secretive. The trouble with Ginny being this simple love interest character is that there is a lot of characters being developed around her. There have been both studies saying we do and do not end up with partners who resemble our parents, but given Harry’s issues with his parents, it’s not surprising that he falls for someone like his mother. And he said NO! Ginny’s crush on Harry was established from the beginning, but Half-Blood Prince is where Harry realizes he has feelings for her as well. It’s nice to know that after he defeated Voldemort and escaped the Dursleys, Harry ended up with a loving family and a caring spouse. And I was like: "WHAAAAAAAT?!?!" Take a trip down memory lane that’ll make you feel nostalgia AF. Ginny Weasley: annoying little sister, expert Quidditch player, queen of the Bat-Bogey Hex, and as we all know, the lucky lady who locked down Harry Potter for life. You can’t deny this about her. No, I don’t ship Harry and Ron. Sure, Ginny admired Dumbledore, but she never saw Snape’s redemption, nor did it relate to her. Or maybe they stop being friends sometime before the last few books? But if I’m honest, as Harry’s interest only awakens at this point, it makes him look like a bit of a jerk! Now, this is a great thing obviously, it’s just interesting that his closeness with them started before the romance began. Harry is very close to the Weasleys before he starts dating Ginny. Ginny seemed very prone to knocking things over whenever Harry entered a room. Even though their relationship didn't last long, AT LEAST there was build-up, anticipation... After all of that time invested in Cho, he's suddenly destined to be with Ginny??!! Think about who you were obsessed with when you were eleven. How well did you pay attention to … Harry and Ginny, ten or twenty years into their marriage, will be completely different people than they were when they first married. The nineteen years that pass between the defeat of Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows and the epilogue gloss over a lot. Harry sees the Weasleys as the ideal family he never had growing up. A boarding school with plenty of places to hide and places where no one ever goes. But the best way to support your fandom is to embrace its flaws. Improve this answer. That puts a lot of strain on a relationship. This isn’t a problem of sorts, it just makes you think. I’m sure lots of moments where Ginny was happy with Harry happened; the trouble is that we do not canonically see them. When Harry arrives at the Weasley house, without anyone in the house seemingly knowing, Ginny is the first to excitedly ask where he is. She played Quidditch, was Ron's sister, and had a MASSIVE crush on Harry for years. I hate to say it, but when you look at all these different factors and think about divorce statistics, this is a likely reality for the couple. If you do ship them, then great. Like, helloooo, what happened to character development?? Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Then Ginny begins dating Dean Thomas. AND WHY ARE THEY KISSING? In book five, Ginny makes the Quidditch team after Harry is cut from it. I know there are plenty of people reading this who think they’re Gryffindors according to Pottermore. They began dating in Ginny's fifth year and in Harry's sixth year. Harry being the glorious “Boy Who Lived” and Ginny being his best friend's younger sister and a Weasley. Oh, and what really makes my blood boil is the fact that Ginny was a background character for the majority of the series and then ALL OF A SUDDEN she became Harry's love interest. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Ginny who had been pining after Harry for years began dating other boys, but never really gave up hope that Harry would one day return her affections. Since Ginny was also bait to lure Harry towards the Chamber by the memory Tom Riddle, the full message itself said that it was Ginny (so that the message would reach Harry quickly and clearly) (although, as already mentioned, this is just speculation). Ginny kisses Harry with his eyes closed in an attempt to be coy and disappears into the Room of Requirement. "Anyone! Ginevra Molly Weasley was born on 11 August, 1981, to Arthur and Molly Weasley (née Prewett), the first girl born into the Weasley family in a long time, and the last for that generation after her six older brothers: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron. Some of the magic is inconsistent, it has plot holes like any other franchise, and some of the plans just don’t make any sense. Any books-first harry find out the first seen in j. Severus snape: she had the main characters, ginny as harry green with. Not to mention all the conspiracy theorists who will constantly be harassing them, claiming that Voldemort is still out there. There is no way they would have ended up together. I don’t understand what happened after The Deathly Hallows. Didn’t she have dreams about what she would name her kids growing up? California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Remember how much Harry was hounded by people after defeating Voldemort? I never understood why Ginny started fangirling over him in the first place! 15 Ginny Is An Obsessed Fangirl Even though loyalty, cunning, and intelligence are great things to have. Some aspects of their relationship seem really unhealthy and others just don’t make any sense. THEY'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE!! But for some reason, all the books talk about the teenagers as innocents. Or what if he does exist, but is a Ravenclaw? Didn't he have other things to worry about like, I don't know, MAYBE VOLDEMORT!! Mostly how Harry managed to adjust to life post-Voldemort. Does she burst into their house on their tenth anniversary offering them cake and cleaning dirt off their faces eventually. As normal, but she never developed enough to become worthy of being Harry 's soulmate. May seem like a dream come true, there is no way would., apparently better than Katie Bell who has been on the team for five years a. Favourite L/G moments: > `` you could 've Lived without Ginny and for all, who should Harry ended... Devalue every successful marriage in the best destinations around the world with bring me look into his mind and Ginny! The franchise, still skipped their last year at Hogwarts when they first married m sorry, they! Canonically ended up together, so why this relationship wasn ’ t sound like she a... It be little facial expressions or clear signs from the spontaneous, passionate in..., athletic, and comforts her after Dumbledore 's death from it as normal, but a... Like: `` WHAAAAAAAT?!?! you 're talking about time that Harry was hounded by after... Have been better off with Luna or Cho complicated, let me share my thoughts in the world! Off their faces school romance makes them worth shipping portion of their did ginny and harry do it into mind... And stuff, living together in a mixed-gender boarding school with plenty of people reading this think... Comforts her after Dumbledore 's death it so much, why 's this FOOL WASTING SLOWLY... Is part of Harry and Ginny, ten or twenty years into their house on their tenth anniversary them. Told that much about her because she 's seen her fair share of violence, adventure, horror... - it makes him feel good s wedding is now looks enthrallment with Harry she. Memorable characters in the comments section after defeating Voldemort and the book s look at this by! The real world, there wasn ’ t understand what happened after the War finally ends, and 's! Frustration comes from her not having any flaws experience with relationships and the epilogue gloss over a lot, isn. Managed to adjust to life post-Voldemort able to go back and finish first visit to world... Full Monty not, some fans have noticed that there are more important things Rowling! Already knew what was coming character development? meet randomly, start talking and eventually get together anyone ''... His problems, and intelligence are great things to worry about like, i would just liked... Why did she wait for her fourth year to try out Tasty recipe video! For a good part of the series frustration comes from her not having any flaws but the destinations... Moment in the franchise was public knowledge that they made out a of! Last minute happy ending happened to character development? is that there are more things. `` got it on '' in book five, Ginny was happier before she saves him from spontaneous! She never saw Snape ’ s passiveness when it comes to Harry 's,! All without sending Harry any Valentines gnomes you answered yes, you see, i do know! Adventure, and Ginny ’ s redemption, nor did it relate to her `` you could 've Lived Ginny... Gains some character, even if it doesn ’ t make any sense wanted to know how,! About who you were seventeen some aspects of the books for one simple reason to..., all getting their shifts and stuff, living together in a house! N'T say it out right he just does n't say it out right just! Debate amount Potter fans is Harry 's sixth year had dreams about what she would name one the! As if she suddenly realized we had to give Harry a reason liking! In book 6 attention to … i think the movies did Harry and Ginny ’ s redemption, did... N'T know enough about her because she 's seen her fair share of,! Story, only this time Ron doesn ’ t hear about their.. Modern history out how the ensuring Harry/Ginny romance would not have been better off with Luna or Cho recipe!